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Caring for your MiChair®

Caring for your MiChair®

To reduce fabric fading 

Avoid letting direct sunlight on textiles. Control the light with shades, blinds or curtains. Stash a few paper towels or even a small terry towel underneath seat cushions to give
you a quick way of dealing with spills.

Wet cleaning is not recommended

Some stains can be removed by means of a damp (not over-wet) cloth and soapy water or mild detergent if necessary. For more stubborn stains, please consult a professional
cleaning company.

Pile fabrics

Pile fabrics including Chenilles, are subject to a certain degree of shading or ‘pile crush’ with frequent use. This is not a fabric fault, nor will it detract from the wearing properties of the material. The effect of ‘pile
crush’ can be minimised (but not eliminated) by using a soft brush and lightly brushing the pile in a different direction over areas that show signs of wear.

Arm caps

Prevent excessive wear on the vulnerable arm sections with arm caps.

Wooden areas

Should be wiped daily with a soft dry duster. To remove grease marks, use a diluted solution of warm water and vinegar and buff with a soft duster.

Do not use spray furniture polish

The over-spray can be seriously detrimental to the fabric surrounding the wooden area. If you do use spray polish, spray onto a cloth first and use this cloth to clean the wood.

Vacuuming your MiChair®

Important tips:

Do not …

Caring for Leather furniture

It is perfectly normal for certain areas of leather to show signs of creasing and stretching. This is not detrimental to the wearing of the leather. Today, due to modern tanning processes and customer demand, leather has a much softer feel and will maintain its suppleness throughout its lifetime. A combination of these factors means that in the first few weeks of use, creases and wrinkles will develop naturally to create a softer more inviting look, an inherent quality of fine leather upholstery.

The use of specialist leather care products will ensure that, with a little effort, you’ll be rewarded with many years of use from your leather upholstery and it will retain its appearance for much longer.

Please note that Furmanac cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by non-professional cleaning.