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Caring for your new bed / mattress

Caring for your new bed / mattress

Below are some FAQ’s about your new Furmanac mattress;

Do I need to turn / rotate my mattress?

Please refer to your mattress label. This will indicate if you need to turn (flip) or just rotate the mattress. If your mattress labels indicates that your mattress needs to be turned, we recommend turning your mattress fortnightly for the first three months, side to side and head to toe, then every other month thereafter.

For mattresses that need to be rotated we suggest rotating head to toe fortnightly for the first three months and then every other month thereafter.

Should I use a mattress protector?

Yes, we recommend that a mattress protector is used to prolong the life of the mattress.

Why does my mattress feel firmer than the display model?

The floor model display you tested may have been bounced on several times before you tested it. Your new mattress will soften over a period of time, particularly where you lie, showing that your new mattress is working with the pressure you exert on to it. Please note it can take a few weeks or even months before the mattress fully settles.

Why does my new mattress smell?

Your mattress has been handmade in our midlands based factory and upon completion of your unique order it has been securely packaged and sent out for delivery. It is possible that you may smell some initial odours when the packaging has been removed which emphasises the freshness of your new mattress. In most cases this stems from the fire retardant used but for the majority this smell goes unnoticed. For those who have the blessing / curse of a heightened sense of smell, you may feel that your new mattress has a damp or musty aroma. To dissipate this, we recommend airing your mattress in a well ventilated room for a few hours upon delivery and then subsequently stripping both the bed and mattress once a month thus allowing the mattress to air. By following these instructions, you should find that any noticeable mattress related smells found when entering the room have drastically reduced within three months.

Why can I see body indentations? 

Initial body indentations may be visible when the mattress is first used, this is common and is simply a result of the normal settlement of the mattress.