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MiBed Adjustable Beds

MiBed® are the only adjustable beds made entirely in one UK factory. The result is superior quality that your body will love, so you can utterly unwind and sleep blissfully. It’s all about the base…


Adjust away any aches. Each MiBed® base has Motion Intelligence to relieve minor aches and pains. You can adjust it to perfectly support different areas of your body. 


Healthier too. Our beds improve circulation as you can adjust the angle you sleep at to put less pressure on your heart.


The pressure’s off. You can adjust each bed to support your spine’s natural contours. This gives you a healthier posture and relieves any pressure put on your joints, giving you a deeper, more restful sleep.


Bespoke for better sleep. All our models have a high specification with optional enhancements so you can create a bespoke bed that’s made just for you – see page 28.


The finest quality. MiBed® mechanisms are robust, smooth and quiet with built-in safety features exceeding both UK and European standards.


Supreme comfort, 5-year Guarantee. Exceptional design, excellent choice and extraordinary value: your MiBed® motion bed is your passport to sublime comfort and relaxation.