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Cool Gel Support

Cool Gel Support

Keep cooler and enjoy deeper, more comfortable sleep every night. All these mattresses have these main benefits:

● Heavy knitted, deep quilted zip cover, infused with thermal gels
● 50mm GelAir foam Adapts to your body’s curves to relieve pressure points
● Resilient and hardwearing, for long lasting support
● Open cell design keeps you dry and cool by wicking away moisture and heat

The main benefits plus 100mm support foam Keep cool and carry on sleeping. That’s the beauty of this bed. If you struggle to sleep because you’re too hot or you feel pressure on your joints, limbs and back, then this bed is for you.

Firm feel

2FT6 / 3FT set prices starting from £1749
3FT6, 4FT and 4FT6 set prices starting from £3069
5FT / 6FT set prices starting from £3509 including linking bars