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Heavy Duty & KD

Heavy Duty & KD

KD (Knock Down) beds

For houses with limited access, 2’6” and 3’ beds can be cut in half so they can be installed upstairs without difficulty. One bed will arrive in three parts, the mattress and two half bases. The actions will also be cut in half and then bolted inside the bases during assembly.

  • 4’ and 4’6” beds always have east/west bases and we will only cut the action in half. The two bases link together and does not come as a KD (we have never had a failed delivery on a 4’6” bed due to the base).
  • 5’ and 6’ beds that have north/south bases (two single beds linked together) are available in KD (as per 2’6” and 3’ models).
  • We cannot KD bed bases that are east / west splits (4′, 4’6, 5′ and 6′).

Heavy Duty

For users who weigh between 18-25 stone.The frame on the single sized heavy duty is made from metal, rather than wood, giving extra strength.  For the 4’ and 4’6”, we supply two actions and two motors. Please note the heavy duty feature is only available in 2’6”, 3’, 4’ and 4’6” only and is not available on legs. We also recommend a heavy duty frame for anyone who needs to sleep in an upright position.

Knock down BaseHeavy Duty Frame