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MiBed® Sizes

MiBed® Sizes

MiBed® Size Options

Your MiBed®, your choice. Options for each MiBed® include a range of sizes depending on the space available and specific requirements of every individual user.

Please note:
  • The 4ft 6in model has a double motor with a single action
  • Two single beds will be linked to make five or six foot beds
  • The length of each MiBed® is 6ft 6ins (200cm)

King or Super-King Mattresses

You can either have two single mattresses to make the bed size of your choice or we offer the option to have a one-piece King or Super-King mattress.

Daisy mattress, featured on an executive base - King Size
MiBed® Sizes
2ft 6ins (76cm)
3ft (90cm)
4ft (122cm)
4ft 6ins (137cm)
5ft (152cm)
6ft (182cm)