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Our New Phoenix Base has several features which include zero gravity and anti snore position.

The Hestia Motion Phoenix base is our new addition to the Hestia Motion collection.

We have added several new features to this beautiful product which are all listed below:

First of all the Phoenix base features state of the art technology that puts you in control of your own comfort.

It provides individualised support to the head, neck, shoulders, thighs, legs and feet. This offers you an improved sleep quality.

Finally it has a unique anti-snore position. Which raises your head at a 5 degree angle and opens the airways which can aid the prevention of snoring.

To view this beautiful Hestia Motion Phoenix base on our website please select the link below


Please see below for more features of this product.

Bedframe only prices starting from

4’6 Double £
5’0 (King) £
6’0 (Superking) £


Standard Features Include
Heavy Duty - maximum user weight of 26 stone on 3'0, 40 stone on 4'0 and 4'6 and 56 stone on 5'0 and 6'0
5 panel wall hugger action with two lift motors for the upper and lower body meaning your favourite book or bedside table are always near
Zero gravity feature putting you in a position where less pressure is being exerted on the body, offering you an optimal sleeping position
The unique anti snore position raises your head at a 5 degree angle to open the airways which in turn aids the prevention of snoring
Radio frequency wireless handset which has a built in torch
Memory motor to save your favourite positions
Massage unit which is built into the panel
Under bed lighting, guiding the way without waking up your partner
Individualised support to head, neck, shoulders, upper and lower thighs, legs / feet giving you an improved sleep quality
Upholstered mattress retainer board
Matching headboard available