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For a medium or firm feel fine mattress


  • Layers of natural wool and silk
  • 1200 or 2150 pocket springs
  • Hand-stitched for added support
  • Breathable air vents
  • Supports weight up to 18 stone


Medium feel


Worcester is our top quality Executive mattress with sumptuous layers of luxurious top quality fillings including natural wool and silk and meticulously hand-stitched sides for supreme support. So you’ll enjoy blissful sleep and wake refreshed and rejuvenated. It has your choice of 1200 or sheer indulgence 2150 pocket springs. Worcester is the final word on luxury sleeping.

The Worcester mattress is hand made in the UK from the finest materials available – luxuriously layered with wool and silk, both natural fillings for superb comfort – cool in summer and warm in winter with excellent moisture control. The Malvern is hand side stitched for extra comfort and stability and comes with a choice of a medium – soft feel on the 1200ct or a firmer feel on the 2150ct pocket spring tension unit.

Worcester 1200 and 2150 set prices starting from
2FT6 / 3FT Set from £1889
3FT6, 4FT and 4FT6 set from £3329
5FT / 6FT set from £3809 including linking bars

1200ct Medium – Soft feel mattress 

2150ct Firm feel mattress 


If you would like details of your local stockist retailer please get in touch https://www.furmanac.com/contact/

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Feature Detail Benefits
Mattress 1200ct or 2150ct pocket spring unitPromotes natural alignment of the spine / ensures that your weight is evenly distributed / reduces the amount of strain put on your body/ offers an increased amount of air circulation to provide a comfortable bed temperature.
Layers of natural wool and silk A more natural alternative than other materials used in mattresses. The wool and silk both offer an added luxurious level of comfort and work with your body temperature to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Hand stitchedOffering added support
Base Executive base as standardThe image features the upgraded Elite base, however a standard Malvern mattress will be featured on an Executive base.
Executive Base - 5 Part motorised adjustable frameOffering unique, customisable support to different areas of the body which can help relieve minor aches and pains, promote better circulation and an improved posture.
Executive Base - Multi-slat motorised systemAdapts to exerted pressure offering improved back support /facilitates even distribution of pressure which can help improve blood circulation / gaps allow air to pass freely beneath the bed which keeps your mattress fresher for longer.
Sliders for tension adjustmentAllowing the user to set the amount of support to meet their unique preferences in lumbar region