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Thank you for choosing Furmanac.

Hopefully by now you’ve had chance to use your bed or chair and would be hopeless if there was ever anything to ever go wrong?


Here at Furmanac, we know how important our products can be customers and we are that confident with our products that we offer Guarantee to all our products.

Your new piece of furniture has been provided with a standard 1-year guarantee. However if you would like to obtain the full guarantee at no extra cost, simply complete the form below within 30 days of delivery to your address. Our guarantees start on the day of your purchase. When making a claim you will need the original purchase receipt as proof of purchase.

guarantee2 Year Guarantee

A 2 year guarantee is given to the MiChair Helmsley range.

5 Year Guarantee

A 5 year guarantee is given to our Hestia divan, Mattress, Hestia Motion and upholstered bedframes. We also offer a 5 year guarantee on our MiBed range

10 Year Guarantee

A 10 year is given to our Silver and Gold MiChair range.

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Providing your details means we can deal with your queries or claims more quickly. By providing your email or telephone number you are NOT opting in to marketing database. We will be able to contact you by phone, post, text or email when your warranty is due to expire . If you want to subscribe to our marketing database, allowing us to send you money saving offers, please check this box:

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